September 5, 2010


Hello and Welcome

This is where you can learn, and network on environmental friendly batik.

Eco Batik uses nature, just plants, fungi, poo, and bees wax.

This is batik that uses no chemicals or synthetic dyes. And I first learned about this natural batik last year, then went to Bali to learn and develop more skill around natural batik.

So now, here is the blog that shares the techniques, and the cold water dyes and washes that work on eco batik.

You are all most welcome, and thanks for coming along.


kaite said...

This looks fantastic Teresa, i too used to do batik about 35 years ago but gave it up because of the chemicals. I would love to join in if i am allowed. thankyou, kaite

T said...

of course you are allowed, anyone can join in, and it will be great to have you here kaite.


kaite said...

Teresa i'm curious as to how you get the wax off without losing much dye in the process...wonderful idea, thanks, kaite

Patricia said...

Hi T,

This is such a great idea. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and ideas!

T said...

Thanks patricia, and a big welcome to you.