September 23, 2011

bees wax

The batik fragments keep on coming, however there seems to be a problem with the wax removal in some of the fragments.  Particularly the silk.  The wax just wants to stay in the fabric.
 I am still experimenting with trying different soaps to try and see what works the best.  Because the fabric is natural vegetation dye this limits the use of detergents.  Plus, I would rather not use any formulas with sodium laurel sulphate or too many phosphates.  Sometimes the harsher detergents have the capability of changing the colours of the natural dyes, and I really would rather keep the colours as true as I can.
Anyway, this lot has had two dips in the hot pot, and after ironing them yesterday I found they still contained wax.  So I will heat the pot of water up again today and try again.

I know that you can iron the wax out with brown paper either side, but my electricity is limited here with solar power, and I really do not want to rely on this method to remove wax.

Once I work out the best soap I will let you know.  And we can continue our journey into batik.


kaiteM said...

hey i just had a thought, what about eucalyptus oil, it's a natural solvent. and then you'd just have to wash the oil out.
maybe worth trying eh?

lynda Howells said...

just come to your blog from Nat's and l have subscribed so l don't loose you. I love Batik and really have enjoyed reading your blog entries.xlynda

T said...

yeh, it might be worth a try, thanks kaite.

well thank you lynda


Deb G said...

I had a lot of problems getting the beeswax out of one of my experiments too. I had tried boiling water but it took a lot of the color out of the fabric I had dyed...

joe said...

i just love your eco batiks! there is an ephemeral quality to them... as if they might change and become something else if you were to look away to long.


T said...

There is a bit more to this wax resist than meets the eye Deb. I am still looking for simpler ways to get the wax out.

Thanks Joe, and great to hear from you. Such a lovely comment too.