September 20, 2011

the green sort of worked

Its nice to have some green colour in this latest batch of bees wax batik fragments.

I am very happy about this colour.  Its an earthy green.

This green is staying in the silk fragments well, but not staying in the cotton.

it only stays in the cotton if its dipped in iron water, and then it changes the colour all together.

Its really windy again today, a good inside day.


kaiteM said...

what fun they're having, chasing an invisible cricket i think. it worked well from what i can see.

very windy here today also and smoky from nearby fires.

kaiteM said...

teresa i don't remember if you told us how to remove the wax from the cloth, without losing the dye? please??

jude said...

good to see you working again

T said...

hi kaite, thanks for your comments. I am still working on the removal of wax. Some people iron it out, but I never have enough elecriciity for that. I usually simmer it out. But am still working out which soap works best.

thanks jude, yes - if you had not put your dancing children up on your spiritcloth blog I probably would not have got back into it. its been a tough year. thanks so much jude