October 17, 2011


Spring is here and the sun keeps drawing me outdoors.  The birds are singing and the warmth from the sun is wonderful.  I heard a Whistler the other day and I just love hearing their melodic sound again.

This little bugger keeps trying to knock itself out on my window.  I have not cleaned the windows for ages for this very reason.  The birds like to see their own reflection in the glass, and then they try to mate with that reflection.  This little Scarlet Robin has been knocking itself stupid for four days now.

Opened the window the other day to try and stop it.  It flew into the house,  I gently caught it and took it outside and let it go.   And thought this might scare it, but today it is back again.  This bird seems to have very few brains left after flying into the glass over and over and over again.

I hung some netting in front of the window and shifted the chair, this seems to be working so far.

Am hoping to get some more wax resist work completed this week, along with some more exhibition works.


lynda Howells said...

Hi ..your robin is far more colourful than the British robin. Quite often when l have my window open, one of my robins will come and visit...love them. They will often come in and let me know when the food dispenser is empty!!!x
ps..my main blog is now http://chocolatelifeandjazz.blogspot.com

T said...

Yes its wonderful when they come inside, as long as they get out without too much distress. It will be interesting to see your robins.


mummybear said...

Such beautiful photographs